Iota Chapter Leadership

Iota Chapter Officers
Iota Chapter Officers

Current Officers

1st Anti-Basileus:
2nd Anti- Basileus:
Recording Grammateus:
Corresponding Grammateus:
Assistant Financial Grammateus:
Youth Coordinator:
Assistant Youth Coordinator:
Dorothy Glasco-Jones
Dorothea Jordan
Chanel Trussell
Keli Walls
W. Annette Dredden
Lorretta Turnage
Linda Jews
Dr. Andrea Samuels
Beverly Holman
Sheila Jessup
Roxanna Brooks
Mildred Armstead

National Officers

Many of Iota Sorors have held, and continue to hold, National offices on the Executive Board of Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority, Inc. Currently seven Iota Sorors hold National offices. Catherine M. DeFord and Ovella Queen serve on the National Board as Past Grand Basilei (photos below). Lorretta Turnage serves as Recording/Corresponding Grammateus. Ditra Scruggs serves as the 2nd Anti Basileus (2nd Vice President). Ella Hamilton serves as the Assistant Tamiochus (Assistant Treasurer), Dorothy Glasco-Jones serves as the National Epistoleus, and Roxanna Brooks serves as the Youth Co-Coordinator for the Northeastern Region.

Ovella Queen
Ovella Queen
15th Grand Basileus

Catherine M. DeFord
Catherine M. DeFord
18th Grand Basileus

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